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Specialized Aspects powerplay movie review

Product values of the film are top- notch and special citation should go to the camera work which is stunning. Every frame and lighting set to produce a serious mood look good in this suspenser. Editing is apt and so was the product design. The BGM is also good and elevates indeed the dull scenes.
Coming to the director Vijay, he has done a passable job. His jotting could have been more effective but the manner in which he showcased the thrills and ended the film looked okay.

Verdict powerplay movie review

On the whole, Power Play is a crime suspenser that has some engaging moments then and there. Raj Tharun does well in his new icon and the twists showcased in the alternate half are executed relatively well. Barring the dull feelings and a many dragged crime scenes in the first half, this film ends as a passable watch if you have nothing differently to do.

Story Vijay (Raj Tarun) has everything going for him – he lands a plush job and is about to marry his love (Hemal). But what happens when he finds himself in the centre of a conspiracy?
Review Director Vijay Kumar Konda is known for rom-coms like Gunde Jaari Gallanthayinde and Orey Bujjiga. He works hard still to pull off a suspenser that tries hard to keep you on the edge of your seat with Power Play. Still, its excrescencies do n’t allow you to do that.

A huge chatter is fractured in the megacity, involving sons and daughters of some influential people. To divert the news cycle from fastening on this, a fake notes case is brought to the van and Vijay is framed for it. With his particular life left in tatters, Vijay has to give it his all to prove his innocence. He understands the need to break his own problem and begins connecting the blotches to unearth commodity far more minatory. Further than a suspenser, Power Play starts out as an emotional drama, but shifts gears once the story gets into the thick of effects powerplay movie review.

powerplay movie review
powerplay movie review

The first half of the film is emotional, Vijay Kumar Konda tightens the script and does n’t let it miss a beat. The jotting could ’ve been sharper as it feels mellow in certain scenes but it ends up being a decent preface to the story. But the alternate half is where the effects ail. Poorna (Poorna) is introduced as a ruthless politician, an aspiring CM and son of the current CM. She makes a mistake that could sabotage her entire career. But despite so important being at stake, numerous scenes involving her feel gratuitous to the larger picture. Choppy editing ensures the film becomes a test to your tolerance after a point. The climax too leaves one wanting as it does n’t have anything emotional to talk about powerplay movie review.

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Raj Tarun gives up the peppy boy-coming- door places to play a serious man. The script gives him compass to perform and it’s good he chose a film like this, despite its excrescencies. Hemal still does n’t get room to do much. Poorna is okay in her part, indeed if there’s compass for enhancement. Ajay, Kota Srinivasarao and Venu Tillu ace through their places.

Power Play starts out well but goes down a slippery pitch as the film progresses. A better treatment would ’ve made this a must- watch.Raj Tharun and director Vijay Kumar Konda have teamed up formerly again after Orrey Bujjiga for a serious film called Power Play. The film has released moment and let’s see how it is powerplay movie review.

Story powerplay movie review

Vijay (Raj Tharun) loves Keerthy (Hemal Ingle) and decides to marry her. He’s also on the verge of getting a good government job. Right, when the couple convinces their elders to get wedded, a fake note fiddle gets Vijay in big trouble and effects fall piecemeal. What’s this fiddle? Who’s behind it? and how did Vijay break his problems by himself? That forms the rest of the story.
Plus Points

Raj Tharun takes a Volte-face from his nut boy image and does well in his serious part. He has changed his body language, dialogue delivery, and erraticisms for this part and he gives an emotional performance. Heroine Hemal was neat in her uncomely look and did her part convincingly.

powerplay movie review
powerplay movie review

The main villain, Ajay was at his usual stylish in this film. The idol’s track, characters related to him are shown relatively nicely in the film. The twists in the alternate half and the way the suspension is revealed look good.

Yet another major magnet was heroine Poorna who did a special part. She was superb and brings a solid effect to the film in crucial scenes. The rest of the cast and the color tone of this suspenser was also good.

Minus Points of powerplay movie review

The conception of the film is good but the needed thrills aren’t over to the mark. The fake note fiddle posed on the idol looks a bit over the top and could have been unleashed in a better manner. There are so numerous scenes that drag this occasion and make effects dull.

A many feelings in the film look a bit forced in the first half. The love track and chemistry between the lead brace is dull. Piecemeal from the twist in the alternate half, the rest of the proceedings end up being not that effective.

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